Baby Dragon Sleeping On A Stump

This was my first 3D cake and I was very pleased with it. It was huge with 6 cakes baked and carved. It took me a long time but it was a lot of fun! I made it because my local newspaper wanted to do a profile on me and I wanted to show my town what I could do ( even though I wasn't sure I could). The dragon and stump were both cake. For the dragon I started with a 3D cake mold for a rubber duck, but you would never know it :). The stump was fun because it didn't have to be perfectly smooth, after all it was to look like bark. The best part of this cake was the air brushing, I LOVE to airbrush. The only not edible parts to this cake was a dowel in the limb and the cake board. I did a lot of little detials out of fondant, butterflies, mushrooms and ladybugs. I also got really detailed with the dragon and went as far to paint little tiny toe nails sticking out from under her belly.


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