Princess Kathy Cake

My first Cricut cake! I got it one week ago and was so excited to have a chance to use it on this cake! Cricut cutouts, poured isomalt, gum paste shoe, silk drapes, ribbon roses - it has them all!!! And I LOVE my disco dusts!!! :) 40 servings 10 & 7 tiers. Accents designed in Adobe Illustrator and cut using Cricut. Shoe is gum paste and disco dust. Ruby is poured isomalt.

This cake was designed for a very special woman - Kathy! Once my client, she became a very dear friend of mine!

Her dear husband asked for a surprise cake, both for him and Kathy. The things I knew were that she loved weddings and princesses, and that her Birthday party was about pink, silver, red, love and sparkle. That was enough for me!

A pink princess cake with a wedding-cake flare. Milk Chocolate Cake with Milk Belgian Chocolate Mocha Truffle Filling.


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