Family Guy Stewie Bobblehead Cake

Family Guy Stewie Bobblehead Cake on Cake Central

Stewie's body was sculpted out of RKT covered in modeling chocolate. His head was a WASC cake crumbcoated in Italian Meringue Buttercream and also finished in modeling chocolate. The stool Stewie was standing on was a 12" cheesecake frosted w/ ganache and covered in modeling chocolate. This was the only photo we were able to capture (as Stewie's head bobbled forward) because the cake only lasted long enough for my sister to blow out the stick of dynamite...quickly. I learned a good lesson here: Never, ever, ever (no matter how good it may taste or how bad you crave it) use Italian Meringue Buttercream to secure a bobbing cake head to its base. Especially when the cake design includes a giant stick of dynamite posing as a candle!!!! Why, you ask? Well, because the gianormous candle caused the IMB to melt from the heat and off went Stewie's head, smashing right onto the table. Oh well, we all had a blast digging into the huge pile of cake after the catastrophe anyway, and that was definitely one to remember! Plus, I can now say that I completed a fully functioning bobblehead cake : )


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