Baby Bump Cake! My First!!

Ok ok, I know we've all seen the baby bump cake! But this was my first, and I was pretty pleased with the way it came out! Fondant still giving me issues, this time it was too soft!! It covered nicely but I had the hardest time getting it to the cake, any little movement and it ripped! I WILL LEARN MMF ONE DAY!!! Then my chocolate was WAY too dry!! UGH! But overall I really liked the way this turned out--and so did the recipient! Blue & Brown baby boy baby shower. I also made cookies to accompany it. The top curved part was baked in my pyrex bowl and put on a 10" round base cake which I carved down. Boobies were made from two small pyrex "dip" bowls and then I took my crumbs from carving and smashed them on top for a more round look :) Also on my cookies, I got inspiration from PSneed's quitled cookies!


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