Dump Truck

I sort of used the design from Wilton's "Celebrate with Fondant" dump truck, but I changed it a bit. I started with a 12x18 sheet cake, then cut it into three 6x12 sections. I stacked those (with pudding in between), cut a bit off of the top layer, and used the cut part to make the "cab." Then I frosted the whole thing with buttercream frosting. The windows, door handles, grill, tail lights, lettering, license plate, and hub caps are fondant. The wheels are actually ding dongs! :) I included a bag of crushed oreo "dirt" to dump in the bed of the truck, but since I wasn't delivering the cake to the party, I didn't get to take a picture of it like that. Oh, and the whole cake is resting on 3 foil covered styrofoam pieces that were about 2"x2"x6"...the wheels cover those mostly.


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