Penguin Cake Christmas 2009

Penguin cake, dec. 2009 I got some inspiration from CC and added a few of my own twists = ) I did this cake for my annual christmas eve family gathering. it is a 4 layer 2 tier cake with the top tier carved to make a slide to the bottom tier. the gumpaste / fondant penguins ( i think there were 12 or 14?) each look just slightly differant. some of them were just hanging out , and some were having a little fun! One penguin is having a snowball fight.. ( and across from him is the recipient of one of those snowballs, right on his head ) two penguins are sliding down the top tier.. and a few have teamed up to build a snowman. ( i used a few peices of whole wheat thin pasta for one penguin to hold, they represent the twigs to be used for the snowmans arms..) ..A few more penguins are on the top tier including one shy penguine is the back of the cake. the top tier contains an igloo that is completely hollow and open inside. it is 100% edible,, made of cereal treat, melted white chocolate and fondant. The trees are fondant and dowels. I used royal icing to "flock" a snowy texture on the trees and then added white pearl luster dust to make them shimmer. I used a LOT of pearl luster for this cake, in fact. This was a chocolate cake with bavarian cream filling. ..this cake was HEAVY. weighed in at 51 lbs!


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