Pile O' Presents

Pile O' Presents on Cake Central

So, here's the cake that I was practicing for. A pile of presents! Well, actually, this is kind of a practice cake too. See, this is for my work Christmas party which was this evening. I decided to use the occasion to practice this kind of cake because I've been asked to make this cake for a woman I know for Christmas day. This one turned out great, I think. At least, it's my best to date. Everyone loved it too. They said it looked wonderful and tasted great. It's a white cake with strawberry-cream filling in the big 'present'. Normal buttercream frosting for the 'wrapping paper' and rolled buttercream fondant for the ribbons and bows. Almost all of it was eaten or stolen away! Lol. Please, please, feel free to leave comments. Thanks for looking!


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