Basket Weave Hearts Wedding Cake

This is the wedding cake I did for the Saturday after Thanksgiving. UGH!! Talk about stress. It was for the granddaughter of a good friend. I was pleased with the outcome, but it leaned slightly to the left. I use the stress free support system and had the legs screwed down as short as they'd go. Guess I need to check their length. WASC cakes done all in bc. As much as I love doing basket weave, doing this much in a sitting was a bit much. Weddings are too stressful. Give me an anniversary any day. The bride was thrilled with her cake and I was soo pleased. She was the sweetest bride I could imagine. Made it all worth while. And I thought the cakes really did a lot to dress up the gymnasium/auditorium (which was as cold as a meat locker). LOL


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