Texas German Chocolate Groom's Cake

German Chocolate cake with fondant star and barbed wire. Chocolate covered strawberries. When the couple ordered the cake, I let them know that I had prior plans that weekend and would need to deliver on Friday instead of Saturday, the day of the wedding. They couple didn't mind. The strawberries were delivered in a box and put into a cooler overnight to keep the stems fresher. Their families placed the strawberries on the cake the day of the wedding. It isn't quite how I would have arranged the berries on the side but that is okay. I was told it looked great and tasted delicious. If the couple was happy, I am happy! The first picture was taken by a friend who was at the wedding. She took it with her phone. The resolution was smaller than CC allowed so I enlarged it. Hopefully it isn't blurry. The second picture is how the cake looked when delivered on Friday.


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