Musical Birthday

Oregon State Fair Birthday entry. This cake was inspired by a poster I had as a little girl with the violin laying on top of the black piano with roses. I've had some inquiries about the support on this, so I've added a couple pictures to help out with that. The main cake board is wooden, and the support rod you see coming up the back is a 1" dowel screwed to the main cake board, covered in fondant and cut at an angle at the top. I then cut out the violin shaped board from a sturdy cardboard, wrapped in fondant, painted and let harden. The bottom of the violin should be cut flat to allow the lean in the violin. Once the bottom cake is in place, screw the violin shaped cake board to the dowel rod, angeling it so the cake won't slide. I used a small strip at the bottom with typical dowels to support the cake. The main part of the violin is sponge cake, and the handle is rice crispie treat covered in fondant. I used small dowels to hold the handle in place through the cake. If the angel isn't too sharp the cake won't slide. For extra support of the violin, I used fondant trim that wrapped the edges of the cake to the board itself. This exact cake in the picture is fake due to it being a fair entry, but I have made a similar cake in the past, so these instructions were from the real cake experience. Hope this helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to message me! :D


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