The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

The Leaning Tower Of Pisa on Cake Central

Wow. What can I say. Over 60 hours of labor in 3 days. Oh, yes, that's right the math - no sleep and alllll work. A knock off of Buddy Valasco's cake featured on the The Cake Boss. The client's daughter is off to Italy and this was her farewell cake. Suffice it to say that if YOU get an order for this cake start your price at $800-$1000. It is UNBELIEVABLY labor intensive. I abandoned many plans I had for a far more detailed cake since the overabundance of time, labor and child neglect involved far outweighed the meager compensation. Sure, I'll humiliate myself and tell you - $120.00. Yep. No typo. Never again. Bottom is 8" two layers, "floors" 6" one layer one 1/2" foam core, top is 5" two layer. Columns are gumpaste. 100% edible. Pound cake w/ raspberry BC filling. $120.00 - WHAT WAS I SMOKIN'???? The up side is that she did tip me after I DELIVERED it: $10.00. As in "ten".


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