Fist Of Rock Cake

This is my version of the Ace of Cakes Fist of Rock cake. It was requested for a birthday party and had to travel a good two hours for delivery. The arm is made of tinted white modeling chocolate and is hand sculpted. The back of the hand (of which I have no photograph) featured a "tattoo" of a state college which was done in black and blue airbrush color and pressed on with a stamp that I made. The cake was completely airbrushed for the color effect. Flames made from pulled sugar stand on the top of the cake in the lighter airbrush color to make them look like they are lit up. The band name logos are edible image prints. There are also thin squiggly lines of silver mixed into piping gel piped up the cake sides like silver cracks in the fondant. I was very pleased with the way it came out...I love art cakes.


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