Turtle Birthday Cake

My daughter has a large tortoise as a pet, So I made the cake to look like him. It turned out better then expected. The cake for the shell was baked in a large bowl, and I made another cake in a round pan to set under the shell, I cut the edges off making it into a square. I used the extra pieces for the front and back legs.I baked a third small cake in a mini loaf pan for the head. I carved the mini loaf cake so it was shaped like the turtle head, I attached it to the rest of the cake with large skewers cut down to the perfect length. I crumb coated with buttercream and chilled. I colored foundant tan and covered each part of the cake, leaving the shell last. I used royal icing for details on the legs and shell. I then fininshed it with hand painted food coloring and dust details.The cake looked great but needed something. I then used my daughters favorite colors for crown and birthday tag. The crown and tag was shaped with foundant and dryed overnight to hold the shape. I then wrote Happy Birthday on the tag with a food color pen. I attached the crown with a little royal frosting, and the cake was finished.


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