Alligator Birthday Cake

This is the birthday cake I made for my granddaughter's second birthday. We are going through the alphabet and A is for alligator. I did not even know about fondant. I covered the cake in hot homemade fudge so it would harden and stay together. A thin green frosting is over that. I stuck slivered almonds in for teeth and used octaganal Oreo snacks for the plates on the alligator's back. The curves are from cut up bunt cakes. I took several cakes to make the whole thing. I did them over time and froze the parts as I went along. The head was a cherry chocolate cake, the tail was chocolate coffee soaked in Kalua, I've forgotten what the middle was. My granddaughter is allergic to all milk products, eggs and wheat. Cake making was difficult at first, but with lots of experimentation I have learned to make delicious cakes without any of those ingredients. The tail was for adults only.


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