Pickles & Ice Cream

Don't know exactly which gallery these belong...but a friend at work wanted something different for a client meeting/presentation. It is a maternity clothing store, so he suggested "pickles & ice cream". I JUST bought "Martha Stewart's Cupcakes", so immediately wanted to try the ice cream cone cupcakes in the book. Vanilla batter baked in sugar cone, with vanilla, choc & raspberry Whimsical Bakehouse buttercream. "Pickles" are chocolate transfers. Other assorted miniatures (also w/choc transfer pickles + cones). Cookies were NFSC, Toba Glace, choc transfer of client's logo. Closeup pics were practice week before to show boss I could actually do it. Meeting cookies were oblong + iced better but didn't have time for pics at meeting. Thought this also might be fun for a baby shower. Thx for looking.


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