Alaskan Themed Wedding Cake

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done of buttercream, with white chocolate/dark chocolate birch bark accents. The Alaskan Fireweed flowers and pinecones are of gumpaste. The cake was filled with a blueberry filling. The wedding couple met in Alaska, so this was their wedding theme and they felt birch and pine trees, fireweed, and wild blueberries were the things they thought of most when they remembered their time together there.

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How did you paint the bark look?  What kind of chocolate did you use, chocolate melts or bark chocolate.  What kind of buttercream did you use?


diana770, Sorry to be so late in answering but I haven't been on CakeCentral for a long while.  I made this cake years ago and can't remember all the details of making it.  No one else has ever asked for it again. I think I used the melts, melted them and then poured the chocolate out thin on parchment paper until it hardened. First I iced the cake smooth with buttercream ( use butter not shortening).  I then molded the strips onto the cake...realize the more you work with the chocolate, the heat from your hands will warm it so that it is easy to mold to what you want.  Then I smoothed some more buttercream over the edge of the chocolate moving toward the buttercream. to conceal the chocolate edge.  The other edge I worked to curl outward tolook like the bark's edge.