Christmas Eve

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Hi.This cake is beautiful.How did you get the lights into it?was it through the botttom of the board?


Not only is this one of the most beautiful Christmas cakes I've ever seen, I think it's one of the most beautiful cakes ever that I've come across.  When you think about it in general, it's really a dull, boring, uninteresting scene compared to the many elaborate, complex, action packed or activity filled cakes loaded with just tons and tons of fancy fondant figures and designs, and yet, its simplicity is its strength.  The quiet calmness every person who has ever witnessed the serenity that envelops the countryside during and after a snow before the loud, hustle bustle of shoveling,  playing, and snow blowers begins can relate to this scene.  The warmth of the light glowing out on the snow-filled yard reminds us all of that special feeling you get on Christmas Eve when you realize that Christmas is finally here.  At least for me, Christmas Eve in my family has always been a very quietly meaningful evening. The time is more reverent than party-oriented. When I was a child there was a special late supper of oyster stew (and later on fried oysters as my brother grew older)  on white plates that only made an appearance on Christmas Eve in preparation for attending the midnight service at church. With my brother and I now in our 40s and 50s and my parents in their 70s our family still spends this night in the same manner. It would be very late when we arrived back home from church and at that time we would be allowed to open one gift, usually the smallest gift under the tree. The gifts from mom and dad had been placed under the tree but not those from Santa (until we were older) so to contain the excitement and get us to go to sleep we were allowed to open the smallest gift.   My parents had to make sure our "big" gift wasn't the smallest wrapped present because of this.  When I look at this cake it evokes all the memories of those special evenings in my childhood.  It is truly a special work of art to prompt such treasured memories in a person.  I'm sure for each person who sees this cake it triggers their own unique remembrances.  This cake DEFINITELY needs to be its own special tutorial one day so we can ALL learn how to make such a wonderful creation.