Heart Wedding Cake

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This was my second wedding cake.I heard from bride a few months before wedding and she told me what she wanted,and then a week before wedding I could not get hold of anyone(bride's mother was in the hospital). All I knew that the wedding was still going,and they expected the cake.I didn't know where to deliver it or wheather to finish making it,because still until the day of the delivery no one still didn't get back to me.So on the day of the delivery I had to work.So I took the cake with me to the work and drove around with it in the trunk for the first half of the day.And in the last minute bride called me to apologize and tell me where to take the cake.So I guess after what it has been trough the cake turned out half decent at the end.I did have fun making it though.And people at the wedding aposuletly loved it.So I guess turned out good at the end,lol.


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