Picture Of My Niece's 6Th Birthday Cake

Wow...I learned ALOT about Satin Ice this weekend...This cake was for my Niece's 6th birthday. She wanted to combine Minnie mouse princess theme. I looked around here, and came up with this design. My niece wanted bright pink and red so that is the color scheme I did (A great big thank you to the multiple CC folks who inspired me for this cake design!!).

The cake is a four layer strawberry variation on WASC with milk chocolate butttercream filling/frosting. The Minnie Mouse princess hat was RKT covered with royal icing, MMF and disco dust. The cake itself is covered with Satin Ice and MMF accents. There were many, oh so many mistakes but since this is only my third fondant/stacked cake, I figure this is a learning process (and one that I am enjoying immensely!). The important thing to me was when my niece looked at the assembled cake and said "Aunt Amy that is exactly what I wanted! Thank you for looking


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