Lauren's Cake

a VERY last minute order (like 7 days beorfe the big day last minute!!) aparently (from what i could gather) a family friend was supposed to make the cake but then freaked out and there was a mad dash to find soemone to do it and of course i felt bad so i squeezed it in lol! lucky it was a simple design, fondant topped with silk flowers (lucky i had some left over form another cake i had just made) and all painted in my super white pearl lustre (yes i am aware i am obsessed lol) satin ribbon border and bow (when i was told that they wanted they bow left so long i was really doubtfull and thought it would look stupid!! but i totally admit to being wrong i think it looked really elegant!!!) diamonte buckle in the bow, diamonte initials (non edible) and sitting on one of my handmade stands :-)


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