Hydrangia For Birthday Or Mother's Day

This was made for a fund rsiser for a local young lady that is battling cancer. It is a spice cake with butterscotch filling in a 9" oval pan. Flowers, stem, and leaves are fondant. Frosted and trimmed with buttercream. The design was inspired by this card I made - which was inspired by a card making magazine I had. Had lots of trouble with the cake. I had been told by several people to use store bought individule pudding cups for filling which I decided to try. Don't know if it was because it wasn't as thick as the fillings I cook or what but it kept bulging out. Then the cake had so many crumbs I decided to crumb coat it (which I usually don't do) and it wouldn't crust over - so the final coat still had lots of crumbs showing! Thanks for looking!


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