Black And White Wedding Cake

Black And White Wedding Cake on Cake Central

This is based on a cake by Ron Ben Israel- His cake was absolutely stunning, refined and basically perfect in every way. Mine not so much! When the bride selected this style of cake, she wanted the exact same pattern. I emailed him on the offchance he could help and amazingly they were gracious enough to reply! I couldn't get the same pattern as they had, becasue each was individually cut by hand and unique to his cake. So i came up with a similar style and cut them by hand too. I chickened out on a stencil, but will try that one day. I was most grateful for the reply, even though my tiers don't sit quite flat, its not as refined and the flowers supplied wern't what i would have hoped for, i was still pleased with the results. it weighed an absolute tonne. TFL


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