Easter Basket With Kit Kats

Easter Basket With Kit Kats on Cake Central

This turned out cute. When I saw the kit kat idea here I had to try it. I've got so much to learn with fondant - the handle and bow are a bit scarey - and I can only hope it doesn't fall off on the way to my friend's house tonight. And I should probably have waited till I got there to put the eggs in the basket. I hope they don't make the kit kats start falling over (again). But it's just for fun so I'm not going to panic about it. The 9" bottom layer is the WASC "Shirley Temple" variation torted and filled with white chocolate filling. Inside the basket is a RKT for my friend's dd who begs me to make cakes for her but doesn't actually like cake...?!? Something for everyone here!


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