April Fools Cat Box Cake

April Fools Cat Box Cake on Cake Central

I made this to fool my kids on April Fools Day. I dirtied up the scooper with royal icing smeared on it and then placed cat poop formed from melted chocolate truffle filling and added royal icing kitty litter to it. The litter is chopped up royal icing in three shades of gray. I staged this pic with an un-opened box of litter that we use and a boy it looks like it needs to be forked out! I fooled my kids by yelling at them because they didn't do thier cat box chore in a few days(I didn't remind them on purpose to build up for this) And yelled at them and shook it in front of them and a big poop plopped out and bounced of my son's chest. Then I licked the scooper and ate a little of one of the nuggets and -April Fools! They were knocked out by it! Soo much fun!


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