My Husbands Mountain Bike Cake

My Husbands Mountain Bike Cake on Cake Central

Inspired by shenninger. Here is my husbands birthday cake. (the little guy usually sits on my husbands desk at work ,hmm problem?) I called one of his co-workers a few days ago and arranged to have a party for him on Friday, because some of them would be out of the office on his birthday. Well, as I'm finishing up the fondant, I get a call from one of my friends telling me that we may have ash fall from the volcano. What that means for us is that my husband would be staying home for the next few days, which means no party. So I call his co-worker and ask her if she can stall him until about 11:30 and can I bring it by today, just in case of ash fall. She told me to bring it by. I hurried and finished it up and took it over to the hospital, but I still don't have the little guy for the top. He is back in his office. Hmm, how will I get his topper? I asked on of his co-workers if he would be able to snatch it. He goes back and asks him if he can take a picture of it with his cell phone. It worked! The co-worker brought the topper and I was able to put it on before my husband saw it. I took the cake back to his office and boy was he surprised. I am taking a cake decorating class on Friday's so he thought I was making this cake for then. I'm so glad I was able to surprise him.


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