Beer Barrell

thanks to everyone on cake central that posted pics of beer bottles and the directions! it was a challenge, making the mold was harder than pouring the bottles! i learned that they are really affected by the humidity level, so its best to make them on a dry day. i made a round cake, covered sides with fondant then painted it to look like wood grain. the bottles and ice are on a detachable cardboard plate that i covered with tin foil and placed on top of the cake after frosting it with buttercream. then i brought the fondant wood sides up and over the edge of the cardboard plate to cover the tin foil. i glued the bottled onto the tin foil plate, then filled in around them with ice made out of melted sugar. when it was time to cut the cake, we simply lifted off the top inch, which was the tin foil cardboard, so my son was able to keep the top as a keepsake to his 21st birthday.


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