I Still Love You Valentine Cake

I Still Love You Valentine Cake on Cake Central

This is a 3 Tier cake decorated with fondant and gumpaste, the top tier was carved into a heart, middle tier was carved into a slant to show the heart. The cake wants to show us that 'real love' goes through many obstacles--hence the broken heart, patched up and bandaged--BUT real love survives that ...so the heart is sewn back through a 'golden heart' which symbolizes sincerity. And though the scars are there from past hurt- eventually these become something one will be proud to have overcome :) therefore strengthening the love. the bottom tier has petals in the different shades of fire to symbolize Passion --in all its forms-- bec to win someone back, you'd have to be totally committed to it. And the two gumpaste figures are STILL together to show us that REAL LOVE survives it all :) This cake shows the story that most people have gone through :)


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