Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball on Cake Central

Black and white masquerade cake. inside is black and white 14" base, 10" tier, 6" tier idea taken from Wilton Tier Cakes (pg.88)

I found a few discrepancies with their construction method. In the list of materials they said they use a 10" smooth edge separator plate yet that is incorrect, it should be a 12" smooth edge separator plate. Also it called for two 2 1/2 " globe pillar sets, if you look at the picture on page 88, you will notice all 3 globe sets are of different sizes; to correct this error you would use, a 2" globe pillar set and a 2 1/2" pillar set.

The difficulty level of this cake should be expert, i found that rolling the fondant is extremely difficult ; also the scalloping for this cake called for a 4" scallop, you must be careful because your last scallop will end up being 2 1/2" which makes for a short ending scallop. to prevent this flaw in the future i will design a full template scallop that can be laid out for the 14" base. All in all this cake will go into my portfolio, and i will be pleased to make this cake in the future. If anyone has any questions i would be delighted to correspond. My next cake is already on the drawing board I'm excited and can't wait to post it in the future. Again i would be nothing without my fanfare, and i thank you all.


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