30Th Musical Birthday Cake

30Th Musical Birthday Cake on Cake Central

This is the 30th birthday cake i made for my brother. I think just about everything that could go wrong, went wrong with this cake, even the batteries in my camera died when i wanted to take a picture lol. Anyway i got there in the end and learned some lessons on the way. My brother loved it which is all that matters in the end. All comments welcome.

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I'll be he loved it!! You did a great job. My sister did a keyboard cake board like that and I remember the issues she had with that. so I can understand what you must have went through. You pulled it off!!!!!!!!!!


I can see why your brother loved this. I do too. I love the top layer being the drum. Great idea. Sorry it gave you so many problems.


You'd never know there had been problems ... it's wonderful. Great idea, and the board is fantastic. Great work!