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My first seashell wedding cake, I looked forward to doing it for a long time! Used 4 different lusters to paint the white choc shells. Cake is 14/10/6. 10" is my first official Rum cake, too! It looks like the 10" has some overhang on the left, but it's just the camera angle .... no overhand. Sand is crushed graham crackers with gold sanding sugar. What I would do different: cover cake tops with sand BEFORE stacking so the entire top could be covered (duh!)

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to be honest, and i feel you can take criticism gracefully, i would have enjoyed a little more 'height' in this cake.. . put some of the shells on an angle etc. Great cake overall, but visual interest is key ( non - offensive, I haven't done a wedding yet) i agree that the graham crumb should've been extended beyond the cake borders. I would love to have this cake~


servingzone, great suggestion! I think propping some of shells upright especially on the bottom tier (on the cake board) would have added some great dimension to the cake. Luv the suggestion and I will definitely incorporate it into the next one! Thanks so much!