Baby Feet!

Baby Feet! on Cake Central

WASC, Michele Foster's fondant, and IMBC with raspberry filling. Decorations are fondant, Converse sneakers are 50/50 gumpaste and fondant. Many thanks to Boween for the wonderful design (not sure if she got it from somewhere else, but hers was the one I saw and followed), and to Stellastarchild for the instructions on making the Coverse sneakers! (I'll post a closeup of the sneakers next)

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I love this cake, I have a baby shower coming up and am trying to figure out what cake to do, this goes on my list!


Thanks everyone! Thanks for looking, stellastarchild, your instructions were are great help and inspiration!! Maria, I just painted the star with a tiny paintbrush and food coloring :D


Mittensmarsh - I just cut a template out of paper for the foot (had to draw it a few times to get it right) and then used that to cut out fondant with a paring knife. For toes I rolled little balls and squashed them flat (bigger for the big toe). HTH!