Gir And St. Patrick's Day

Gir And St. Patrick's Day on Cake Central

my middle dd, Tala, who just turned 10 on Thursday is having her party tomorrow. She requested a Gir/St. Patrick's Day theme. Gir is from Invader Zim.... loves Piggy & Cupcakes. Gir is a robot that dresses as a dog to disguise himself so he can inhabit planet Earth... I hope I'm getting this right.... I've never really seen Invader Zim.... but I've heard it's pretty good.... and it seems to be taking over childrens minds. *lol* I so cannot wait for her to see this tomorrow. I'm super excited about the way it came out and think it's definitely one of the best cakes I've ever done.

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Its a great design - so clever to put these themes together (she's gonna love it). Thanks for the education! I'm never up on the latest children's characters :wink: