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My first cupcake bouqet. I have been wanting to try them ever since I saw all of the beautiful ones on CC. Thanks for the inspiration & instructions! I still need more practice, but I'm happy with my first attempt.

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thanks! I'm still a little new to CC, and don't know what PM is. :oops: I did use 7 5oz cups stapled together for each bouquet, I found the detailed instructions in the forum section. If you search for cupcake bouquet with cncgirl00 as the author, there's step by step instruction which I followed. HTH!


Thanks! I used a tutorial that I found in the forum section as a guide called "How do I do a Cupcake Bouquet?"


Oh, forgot to mention that I used 7 cups instead of the 19, and used a 1M tip instead of the 2d.