Hummer B-Day Cake

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This is the cake I made myself for my B-day. I been asking my DH for a Hummer but he won't buy me one, so I dicided to get me one for my B-day! I can't eat cake but my daughter and friends enjoyed. French vanilla / chocolate

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you can't eat cake but you made yourself a cake? i don't get it?! but i do love the cake, its fantastic! :)


Thank you girls for the nice comments. Believe or not I made the wheels with an empty roll of the plastic that I used to cover books at the library. I started collecting them and I found a nice way to use it. :lol: I cut it with a jigazaw and then covered with plastic wrap and then I put a layer of scrap fondant let it dry and then I covered with black fondant. It help having another layer underneath to carve the details.