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6"/10" rounds covered in marshmallow fondant - I found the MMF to be really hard to work with; it seemed to stiffen up too quick to make a smooth cover for the cakes and I found it didn't stick to the bc on the cakes that well. Otherwise, the cake was a HUGE success. For a little girl's fifth birthday.

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I love it. What MMF did you use? I use Rhonda's Ultimate MMF and have never had problems - just use Crisco and pop in microwave for like 10 seconds if it starts to dry out.


I think it's just a general recipe for the MMF, and I did the same thing - in the microwave - although didn't use Crisco...I'll try that next time, thanks Amber0717!


Cute cake! TIP: Next time you work with MMF and it starts to stiffen up, put it in the microwave for a few seconds and it will soften.