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I did this one in bc with a large gumpaste flower. The tiers were 8, 10, 12, and 14. Cake was done in ivory bc. Used real ivory ribbon for the base of each tier. Sprayed the whole cake and flower with super pearl luster. TFL

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Lovely compliments thank you! The luster dust is a spray, I think I got mine from A few websites have it, just google spray luster dust and they should come up, you can get it in gold and I think I got a green one too. I am waiting for the silver one to come out:) The flower was done with a set of football cutters that we have.


I've seen this cake design before and it is one of my favs. Your cake is outstanding. Love the flower too!!! Don't you just love the spray luster dust?


STUNING!!! I want to get married again just to have this cake! Can you buy spray luster dust or are you using an airbrush?