Girl Elephant

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This is my first cake ever. I am teaching myself as I go. I hope you like my baby. I love her so much I call her Genevieve

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Is that real ribbon around your layers? How did you get it on tight and secure it? I'm like you and am teaching myself. I have a wedding cake coming up and she wants ribbon around the layers. I could use any advice you have! thanks!!


Genevieve is exquisite . . . such an expressive face . . . this may be your first cake . . . but is it even possible that it is your first sculpture . . . if so, kudos to you . . . either way, kudos to you . . . thats talent ;-D


OMG!!!!! I HAVE to know how to ake that elephant??? I NEVER ask people to PM me, but I have got to have directions on that guy! Would you be so kind????