Blue Fondant Birthday Cake

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i made this cake for my mom for her birthday. she's in a movie club and one of her friends ordered it for their dinner tomorrow. it's confetti cake, filled and frosted with mary kay frosting and mmf accents. I'm not too thrilled with the cake board or the polka dots, but live and learn, right? i'm a critique subgroup member, so all comments are welcome!

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Critique Subgroup Member: The color you have is great. I'll offer 3 suggestions. 1. The roses could be a little thinner and then ruffled. 2. The dots could be thinner and smaller. 3. The ribbon on the bottom is a little wide. If it were 2/3 that width, it could give the dots more space and not look as crowded. The theme of the cake is great...just needs a little work. Thanks for shaing with us.