Valentines Cake

Just wanted to make something for valentines day, hence the small cake. Will also look great tiered. Had some challenges with the bear. Originally he was holding 6 heart sticks, which was just stuck to the base, then his front arm broke because of the weight. Arrggh! So I had to quickly glue it back again, reduce the sticks and this time stick it right through the cake for extra support. Phew! Lesson learned. TFL.

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Thanks whittydoodle. I used dried spaghetti on each leg to keep him up before sticking his body on his legs.


Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate the feedback. dreamcakes22, I learned to do the bear from doing aine2's (aka Lorraine Mckay) Bear Hugs tutorial. It's highly recommended because it gives you the basics. Her free bear tutorial online also helps a lot.