Camping Cake

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10x10" Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting and decorated with fondant

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This is really really cute. Love the camp fire but really love the trees around the perimeter of the cake. Into my favorites this one goes!!!!!


This is cool. My family likes to camp, I might try something like it one day. I love the little bear in the tent!


tent made out of big block of black fondant as I do not have enough time to make it out from the cake. Just take a big ball of black fondant shape it like it tent and let it set dry once it dry cover the front triangle part make it look like a 2 pcs curtain and then the back triangle. Roll out piece of fondant to fit the width and length of the tent and then lay it on top of the black tent. Oh well I am not good explaininb but hope it will help.