Air Force Promotion Cake

Air Force Promotion Cake on Cake Central

3 Tier: 12, 9, & 6. 12- White cake w/ raspberry filling....9-Devils food cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling......6-yellow cake with almond buttercream filling. All almond buttercream, fondant flag, buttercream roses, and the stripes are taped to cookie sticks and inserted. This is the biggest cake I've ever made. Didn't match the vision in my head, but I think it turned out ok. Fondant dried out REALLY fast, need to find a way to keep it more pliable before I put it on. All criticisms welcom. TFL!

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Making this a fav because it is totally an awesome way to honor our men and women in service!!! Your flag is gorgeous! And while I usually like it to be anatomically correct--yours is beautiful!! THANKS Service men and women!