Hearts And Flowers Topsy Turvy

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Actually a birthday cake, this is my first attempt at a topsy turvy. (Thanks to BKeith for the awesome tutorial on this site!) Chocolate cake with raspberry and chocolate mousse filling. Iced in Swiss meringue buttercream with fondant and gumpaste decorations. I'm reposting this since I put it in the topsy turvy (wedding cake) category before and thought it belonged here more. Thanks!

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Wow, great job. Your first one?? did you fallow the instructions exactly from the tutorial ? I want to do one but I'm a little scare.


Thanks! Yes, it was my first one. It was far easier than I expected! I followed the instructions almost exactly, up to the point of putting in support for the top tier. I used wooden dowels instead of hollow plastic pillars. And the tutorial uses fondant, whereas I used buttercream (which, as you can see, I had a hard time getting very smooth!) I used SMBC, which does not crust, and try as I might I could not get it perfect. It was a fun cake to do -- definitely give it a try! :)