Silver Stars Birthday Cake

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So I finally got to make a cake. This is my first attempt at a stacked buttercream cake. It was for my SIL. Because I had 2 hours to decorate the cake I baked it the night before and iced and decorated it 2 hours before the birthday dinner. I am totally new at this so I had a lot of trouble with decorating it. She was pleased with it though. The bottom layer is a 12" chocolate cake and the top two cakes are 10" and 8" French Vanilla.

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Sorry. I forgot to say thank you to all those who have inspired me to make this cake. A big thanks to Boonenati for helping me realise the importance of using hi-ratio decorators margarine in buttercream (can't get shortening where I come from) and thanks to Boween for inspiring me to use wires on my cakes. Also thanks to sugarshack for her wonderful icing recipe. It's the first that I like and I'm not a fan of buttercream.