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So a not so pleasant woman called me the other day asking if we made Bouche de noel. I said âyou bet we do!â Her completely tactless response led me to create this cake for display in my shop. She said âUmm yeah I know you do, but I seriously doubt youâd be able to make on that actually looks like a logâ. I of course laughed hysterically and invited her to come in the shop and see our display bouche de noel to see if it would satisfy her expectations. As soon as I hung up I dove in and made this thing. So anyway here it is my sweet revenge Bouche de noel. It took me about an hour to create. It is rice crispy (as it is for display) covered in royal icing (I use ganache for the ârealâ ones). The ends are fondant that were scored with a fork to create the lines then dusted with some nutkin brown dust. The holly berries and leaves are fondant and the mushrooms are meringue dusted with coca. The board was covered in green fondant, then I piped in moss and snow. I then sprinkled lightly with edible glitter and dusted liberally with powdered sugar. Sure looks like a log to me. Thanks for looking!

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The last time I saw a log like that I was at camp near the lake. Wonderful job. I think the most favorite part are the mushrooms. They are so real looking!!! I don't mind it being made from krispies. That would make it yummy too! Good job! :lol:


Thank you so much for your comments. The end of this story is the client came by and again asked if I could make a buche that looks like a real log to whihc I pointed to our display and she said "well I guess you showed me!" response "yep I sure did!" She ordered 3 :D


The only way to get a better looking log is to go out and chop down a tree..Seriously, though, it is wonderful and the fondant cut ends are great, add so much to the realism. I'v only been on this site since 12/11 (but I'm hooked and have been browsing for hours a day), but this is the best Bouche so far