Floral Cornucopia

French vanilla cake with chocolate SMBC and brown sugar SMBC trim and filled with Chocolate Irish Creme Mousse. Flowers are RI and fruit is my homemade marzipan. I cheated on the cornucopia basket and it has a gumpaste base with the RI added. Didn't trust myself to do just RI basketweave.

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I'm with Mladyfred... Give on the Cornucopia... Aspiring extreme newbies are in Awe! :o I was wondering if there was a way to carve one, but haven't even had the time to think about it... Maybe next year! Awesome...just Awesome...


OK, here it is. I bought a cheap basket at HL and wrapped it in foil and then gumpaste and let it dry enough to remove it and then let it dry completely. Then after about a week, I did the RI basketweave. There was another one last week with total RI which I really don't know how they did it after the trouble I had. I started on the small end and had a heck of a time adding ribs. Next time think I would start at the big end.I did about half of it and let it dry before continuing.