Mr. & Mrs. Gingerbread Get Married

Mr. & Mrs. Gingerbread Get Married on Cake Central

This is the demo cake I did for the ICES Louisiana DOS in October. It was on holiday cakes - and I LOVE the brown guy so I did a gingerbread wedding. I airbrushed the cake brown so I could add little shadings. Red Ric Rac that is not too even (I lost my zig zag cutter), icing cap on the 6", big red bow, and "gumdrops" around the edges.

Hand modeled Gingerbread man with a sassy beret (he is French) and his fat little bride (she bakes and obviously eats her own gingerbread).

It was a simple little cak

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fan-freakin-tastic. This cake is fabulous from top to bottom, but I especially love the gumdrop boarder. Love love love.


I used a rolling pin on the bow - I think it may have come from European Cake Gallery - Edward Frye's company