Streaky White Chocolate Smbc Icing

Streaky White Chocolate Smbc Icing on Cake Central

All I can figure out is that when I used a warm (from running hot water over it) spatula to smooth the blue-colored icing, the heat caused it to darken in spots. I had hoped that it would lighten after a while, but it never did.

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I think this is so good!! I love the design and the gold does set it off!! The hot spatula will sometimes do that to colors, it has done it to me, but it looks awesome anyway!!


The gold bits are royal icing. I think I'm ot going to be using smbc very much. I don't have the skills yet to deal with such a tempermental icing.


What a shame you told us the dark blue was a mistake because I was thinking "wonder how she got that cool looking 2-toned color!" :lol: For something that you said was so tempermental, it looks wonderful. THe gold really sets it off.