M&m Birthday Cake

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This was a last minute cake that my husband "voluntold" me to do ;) I had the instructions to "use my imagination" -well this cake was the result of my "imagination" - it's a 9" cake that has a FBCT, w/ reverse shell border, birthday "streamers" and m&m's - the cake though rushed turned out better than what I expected- Honest criticque welcomed!

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The streamer border is great. I love new border ideas!! How did you do that? Great colors for this time of year.


MrsTCHJ - I did a reverse shell border, followed by using tip 4 for the "streamers" -it's just a matter of moving the bag in a random zig-zag/back-forth motion -and then where the "circle" parts were on the shell border, I place an m&m -alternating colours.