Karen's Cake In Blue And Brown

Karen's Cake In Blue And Brown on Cake Central

My sister loves blue and brown, so I tried my hand at a whimsical topsy-turvy cake. It's rather small - the layers are 5", 4", and 3" rounds. I painted designs in luster dust on dark chocolate fondant. (The fondant does have some not-so-smooth places. This was my third time using fondant on a cake; they say practice makes perfect. :)

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Looks nice! Did you allow your cakes to chill in the fridge before covering them with the fondant? I find that helps them keep a crisper edge... not to mention that smaller cakes are harder to cover.. but you are right.. practice makes perfect! Your painting looks great too!


*smacks forehead* I can't believe I didn't think of that! I always freeze my cakes before carving them, but didn't give a second thought to chilling before covering them in buttercream and fondant. :oops: Thanks for the encouragement and pointers, jkalman! :)