100 Wedding Mini Cakes

100 Wedding Mini Cakes on Cake Central

100 decorated mini cakes. Red Roses were Chocolate w/ Vanilla Buttercream Filling, Orange Roses were Yellow Cake w/ Chocolate Buttercream Filling, Purple Roses were Chocolate Cake w/ Mocha Filling & the Yellow Roses were Yellow Cake w/ Buttercream Filling. All iced in Buttercream Icing. Thanks for looking!

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These are gorgeous! I would not want to make them, but you did a fabulous job. Beautiful roses and display!!


Thanks everyone! I did learn that I underestimate my time a lot! I transported them in 12"x12" square boxes (9 in a box). They are actually cupcakes with the tops cut off - no paper. I thought I'd get them iced in a couple hours - production set up and all - but, 5 hours - so definitely a lesson. I made the roses ahead of time and they took me 4 hours. It was fun but I would charge just a little more next time...Good practice though! Thanks everyone!!